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Possessive Personal Pronouns

Possessive Personal Pronouns

What’s so amazing about Chinese is its incredible ease of use! Never before have I encountered a language that was so practical and logical! Check this out . . .

you or your in Chinese

If you want to say my in Chinese (or his, her, their, our) you simply take the appropriate personal pronoun and just add “de” in order to make it possessive. So, to use my, you just use I or me in Chinese and add “de.” If you want to say his or her, you simply say he or she and add “de.” For their or continue reading at…

How to Say You in Chinese

Important Personal Pronouns in Chinese

Important Personal Pronouns in Chinese
Now that we’ve already talked about the basics of “this is . . .” or “that is . . .” it’s time to move on to the important basics of personal pronouns. When you know he, she, it, we, they, and you in Chinese, it makes it a whole lot easier to navigate in the Chinese language.

I or me in Chinese

One nice thing about learning to speak Chinese is that changing from the singular to the plural form is relatively easy! All that is needed is the additional character “mén”…

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