Asking Questions in Chinese

How to Ask Questions in Chinese

If you’ve ever wondered how to ask a question in Chinese, then join the rest of us who often must pause to figure out whether or not we’re asking it correctly! Indeed, you’ll find that asking questions in Chinese is actually easier than in English. It is, however, something you need to get used to in order to do well.

How to Ask Questions

In English, you can start with the question like, “What is her name?” When you answer this in English, you have to reorder the sentence by beginning with the end in stating, “Her name is ________.” In this case, to properly answer the question, you are required to reorder the sentence pattern.

In Mandarin, the sentence structure is kept the same as for a statement, but you replace the answer with the question word. So, “What is her name?” changes to “Her name is what?” From this example, you can then see how the name of the person will easily slide in and replace the “what.”

Let’s Practice with a Few Questions…

  1. What color is this?
  2. How many photos did you take?
  3. Where are you going?

Next, we’ll examine these questions in light of Chinese grammar. How was it rearranging the above questions? (The statements related to these questions will help you in properly ordering the question).

To get the answers to these questions, click here.

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