Chinese Alphabet

Video of the Chinese Alphabet

If you’re interested in learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese, then a great way to start is to learn the Chinese alphabet.  Of course, knowing Chinese tones FIRST really helps, but this will give you a general overview of what it’s like to get acquainted with the Chinese alphabet.

Take a moment to watch this video on the Chinese alphabet and learn a little more about the two categories of sounds:

  • Chinese Initials
  • Chinese Finals

The Chinese Alphabet: So What?

With these two categories of sounds, you’ll be able to read anything in Chinese PinYin.  That means that you can look at any text that has Chinese characters as well as PinYin and be able to read it!  It’s like putting on training wheels so that you can navigate anywhere in the Chinese language.

Of course, some day you’ll want to take off those training wheels and actually be able to read characters without the Chinese PinYin written below it.  But, until that time, the Chinese alphabet is a great help in learning Chinese!

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